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A Birth Story: Welcome Baby Olivia
Friday, March 18, 2016
By Johanna
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Olivia was due on the 17th and we all know how due dates go, but this Mama knew her baby girl would be early and she was right! I got the call around midnight. Jen was in labor, around 7 cm and they were ready for me to meet them at the hospital. I walked into their room not sure what to expect, but found Jen smiling and laughing, eating potato chips and joking with her husband and sister. For a second I thought maybe she had gotten an epidural, but then a contraction came and my question was immediately answered. She had not and she was powering through. This strong Mama delivered her baby girl late in the afternoon. It was unpredictable as most labors are and incredibly emotional. I cried, as I usually do, but tried really hard to keep it in. Births and Father/Daughter dances get me every time these days.  Thank you to this lovely couple for inviting me back (you can see the birth of their son here) and trusting me to capture Olivia's arrival into this big world. I can’t wait to see these kids grow up! I also agree with their midwife, McCoy baby number three in 2018. No pressure, but you sure make adorable babies. ;-)

Here are some of my favorites from this birth story, which Pat & Jen have graciously allowed me to share. You can see more in the video at the bottom of this blog post. As always, the video does document a birth, but is not graphic and is modest.