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Family Friday!
Friday, May 02, 2014
By Johanna
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We are headed out of town to visit some good friends who are moving very far, very soon. I might cry. As we prepare to head out on this little road trip I thought I’d share something fun that I like to do.  When we travel, I have Norah pose with the “visit our town” book in the hotel room (when there is one provided). Cheesy, right? I love it! 

We actually move the furniture in the room around so that what we want to use is near the window (or the best available light).

I had to use the "visit our town" magazine for San Diego. I much prefer the nice book! These were both taken with the G15. They're a little bright! I think I was still figuring out my favorite settings for this fun little camera. 

Is there any fun or quirky photography that you do when traveling?