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Family Friday!
Friday, May 23, 2014
By Johanna
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A few weeks back I mentioned that we enjoy using our Canon G15 for holidays and special events. What I didn’t mention was that I rarely remember to include myself in these images! When I’m documenting the occasion, I’m so focused on capturing everything (and experiencing everything) that I forget about myself. Plus, guess where the camera is planted all day? Yep, around my neck or in the diaper bag! Of course I’m not in any of the images. Going forward, I’m going to make a conscious effort to ask Andrew (or whoever we are with) to take a few pictures including me. I’ve already asked him to try and think about it when we are having a fun day out or a holiday. Just in case I forget. I decided this after our last Christmas. I took about 50 photos and I’m in zero of them! I love seeing the photos of my family when I was little and I’m sure Norah will love looking at her life with her family and friends, too. I think it's easy to forget about ourselves when we want to be the one's holding the camera, but it's also really important to include ourselves. At least once in a while!

Have you had a similar experience?

On a side note, Norah was handling my phone at Target the other day and managed to turn the camera function on. She snapped this little image and I just love it (if you follow us on instagram (@guzgram), this is old news). I love seeing her perspective and her little toes!