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Welcome Kate!
Tuesday, August 09, 2016
By A Sophisticated View
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I really enjoy having a newborn “due date” on the calendar! It’s so exciting to hear that the baby has arrived and is ready for their session! I loved meeting this sweet family and hearing about Kate’s birth. Once you’ve had a baby, it’s fun to hear other people’s birth experiences (at least I totally think so!). This baby girl is adorable and did great during her first photo session. She gave us a lot of adorable expressions and was especially happy to be cuddled up with Mom and Dad! It was tough to narrow it down, but here are a few of my favorites from this session. 

Welcome Connor
Friday, June 10, 2016
By A Sophisticated View
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Meet Connor! Just 6 days new at his session and so alert and strong! It always shocks me how strong a newborn can be. He was no exception and was full of newborn squeaks and sweet little expressions. His big sister was so proud and happy to cuddle with her little brother. It was a fun morning and I'm excited to share my favorites from this session. Welcome to the world, Connor. We're happy to have you! 

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Phoenix Newborn Photographer: Welcome Olivia
Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By Johanna
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Two weeks ago I got to photograph Olivia’s birth and last week I photographed her fresh newborn cuteness. Goodness this is one beautiful baby! She was so sweet and I’d say she was a fan of the camera. ;-) Her handsome big brother adores her and I think she’ll feel the same way about him! I had such a fun time with this family! Here are some of my favorites from Olivia’s newborn session.

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Welcome Myles!
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
By Johanna
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We went to our 40-week appointment and were excited about this baby’s impending arrival. After spending the previous weekend walking, eating spicy food and doing any other old wives tales that were reasonable to get labor going, we were looking forward to finding out if any progress had been made. We were totally shocked to find out that our baby boy had turned breech! We had spent months anticipating and hoping for a birth similar to Norah’s, which was darn near perfect in my eyes. So after an attempted, yet failed version, we were prepped for a c-section and Myles was born about an hour later. It was a completely different experience, but still amazing, as the result was this beautiful, healthy little baby boy. The journey might have been different, but the outcome was perfect.

We were prepared to document this birth, but hadn’t planned for a c-section. We asked our doctor about bringing a camera and after receiving her approval, our 5D Mark III went right along with us. Andrew did an amazing job of documenting what he could, taking care of me and also trying to be present himself.

Here’s a little bit of our birth experience and of our newborn session with Myles. We tried to include what we could without making anyone squeamish. See the quick video for more! Find us on facebook here

Myles Guzman

Born 8/21/2015 at 8:58 a.m.

8lbs + 12 oz

19 3/4 inches long

Phoenix Newborn Photographer: Welcome Parker
Monday, August 10, 2015
By Johanna
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This little cutie was 12 days old when I photographed him last week! He was such a sweet boy and super alert! His handsome older brother was also around and we managed to get him involved for a couple pictures. With a newborn and a 14 month old, this Mama certainly has her hands full, but aren’t these two adorable?! Here are a few of my favorites from this session! 

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Adorable Big Brother!