Birth Story Photography

Welcome! This page is dedicated to our birth story photography. Documenting new life is something I am very passionate about. I am totally in love with the entire birth process and feel that every birth is incredible, whether you have a home, c - section, birth center, or hospital birth (or sometimes a birth story includes more than one of these scenarios). I am honored to be considered to document this experience for you.


Gavin's Birth Story video:

What is Birth Story Photography? I want to start by defining what birth photography is not! It’s not gross, graphic, invasive. Birth photography is beautiful, calm, and remarkable. Birth photography is about telling the story of your birth, documenting your experience, and capturing the moments you want to cherish. It’s about giving your partner the freedom to support you without worrying about missing a moment and about changing how birth is viewed.

Here are a few FAQ's that are on everyone's mind:

What will you photograph? I will document whatever I can and whatever you are comfortable with. Prior to your delivery, we will schedule a time to sit down and discuss your comfort level with the birth, nursing, etc.. We usually schedule this meeting around 36 weeks. 

How much time will you spend with us? I request that you contact me when you believe that labor is beginning so that I can make arrangements for our children and prepare to be with you for the long haul!  I will arrive when you are ready (usually around 5-6 centimeters or when it’s difficult to talk through a contraction if you’re not being checked) and stay until 1 hour or so after your baby has arrived. This is also something we will discuss at your consultation. 

What does your birth story fee include? This is also something that we will discuss at your consultation. I have options that include my time and talent, a disc with gently edited images, a video slideshow of your birth, fusion (video and still photography), prints, and photo books. 

Birth Story Pricing: I am offering birth photography at a discounted rate through August of 2017 and only scheduling ONE birth per month (or two week period). Contact me using the "contact us" tab, or email me at for additional information or to chat about your birth!

There are a ton of questions and things to discuss when considering a birth photographer. Because of this, I highly suggest scheduling a consultation as soon as your considering hiring a birth photographer so that I can answer your questions and we can get to know one another.

Myle's Birth Story and Newborn Video:

How I found and fell in love with birth photography:

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we chose to hire a Doula. Part of her advertised services was to photograph our labor/delivery in addition to supporting us with our birth plan. Our doula was amazing and the birth of our daughter was life changing, but I quickly realized that there was no way that she could support us as a doula AND document this occasion the way that I had envisioned (and that we had discussed).  After things settled, I couldn’t stop thinking about birth photography and how it was a service I wanted to offer. I want to provide an experience that takes you back and helps you remember how strong you were and how beautiful this experience was, whether it was what you envisioned or not.

My experience delivering our children couldn’t have been more different. With our daughter (our first child) we had the natural birth that we planned. It was nearly “perfect” in my eyes. I labored at home for several hours, arrived at the hospital with our doula (and husband, of course) after my water broke, and delivered her within two hours.

With our son, we “planned” to have things mirror our first experience. We toured birth centers, looked into photographers, and were happily preparing for a second natural birth. Late in the pregnancy we found out that he was breach. I was heartbroken, but after trying everything we could to flip him, we ended up in the operating room for a scheduled C-section. My husband, who photographs weddings with me, was prepared with our Canon Mark III and rolled with it, photographing everything. Our video from our experience delivering Myles is shared on this page. I look back at it with tears. Not because it didn’t turn out to be the experience I wanted, but because I remember all of the amazing moments. The first cry, my husband’s expression, the doctor holding our son up for me to see him. It was magical and I want to remember that. These photographs help me remember!

When our daughter was nearing two I had the opportunity to document my first birth as a photographer. There are no words to adequately express how amazing this was and how blessed I was to be trusted to document this family as they welcomed their first child. When they contacted me to document their second child, I was elated. This experience was just as amazing. Now that my babies are a little older, no longer nursing, and a tiny bit more independent, I’m ready to offer this service, be “on call”, and welcome some beautiful babies into this amazing world.

 Olivia's Birth Story Video: