Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

We really don't label ourselves with any single style. We want your images to be about the people, the places, and the emotion... not some post-production effect. During your consultation we'll talk more about the flow of your wedding, but for now we'll say this... we believe in good photography. We are trained to get great images, with good light (sometimes good light that we create with our equipment), in the camera. Sure, we like photoshop, but we like to use it to enhance your photographs. We want you to look back at these images in 25 years and still love them and not be distracted by the weird photoshop job that was done to them.

Do you take posed family images?

Yes, we strongly believe that these images are important for you and your family. At our planning meeting, we'll review the list of people and groupings you would like to have included during this time.

Do you travel?

Yes, we travel throughout the state, country, and world. We love to travel and have special packages designed especially for you! We've been dying to check out Brazil if you're looking for wedding location suggestions. wink wink

Do you work with a second shooter?

We work together as a wife and husband team. In the rare instance that one of us is not available, we will hire a qualified second shooter to work with us on your wedding day.

How long does it take to get our products or images?

Online galleries for engagement sessions are usually available within 2 weeks. Online wedding galleries are available in 4-6 weeks. Albums, prints and additional products vary depending on the product.

What is the online gallery?

Your online gallery is a private, password protected area of our website where your images will be available for viewing by you and your guests. It is also a secure shopping cart. If you choose to purchase an album, this is also where you'll select the included images.

How many pictures will we get?

The number of photographs taken depends on a number of variables - hours of coverage, number of guests, type of event, etc.. Our minimum is about 50 per hour, but its usually much higher.

What about the negatives and unedited files?

You will receive the edited, high-resolution digital files and a list of resources where we believe you will get the best consumer products. We do not release raw format files or unedited files. The images selected for use reflect our high standards. These are also what we archive in our studio.

Do you come to the rehearsal?

Not regularly, but we can. Let us know if this is coverage you are interested in.

Do you include engagement sessions?

Yes, and we love them! It's a time for us to get to know you better and for you to get comfortable relaxing in front of our cameras. We try to provide an engagement session to each of our couples 3-6 months before their wedding day. Please note that during our busy wedding seasons (October-November and March-April) engagement sessions availability may be limited on the weekend.

Do you charge taxes?

Yes, we run a business in America, therefore, we do charge taxes. However, our 4 wedding packages include taxes in the package prices. Additional albums, prints and products or customized packages will be subject to state/county and city taxes.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use top of the line Canon equipment (bodies and lenses), plus many different types of lights and fun photography accessories. Yes, we have a back up for everything!

Can you hold our date?

We can only hold your date once we receive your signed contract and deposit. If we have a consultation with you, we will hold your date for 5 days following the consultation.

What is your payment schedule?

A deposit is due at the time of booking and the remainder is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

Our wedding is cancelled or our date has been moved?

If your wedding is cancelled, we will return your deposit if we book another wedding on your date. If your wedding date is moved, we will photograph your wedding if we have that new date available. If we are unavailable for your new date, we will return your deposit if we book your originally scheduled date.

Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-Saturday events?

Possibly. Let us know what date you're thinking and we'll get back to you.

Do you require a meal at the reception?

No, but we do appreciate it when one is provided. We try to also ask that we eat at the same time as you to avoid missing anything. Even if a meal is provided, one of us will is shooting while the other is eating.

Do you have any restrictions to family and friends taking photos?

We only ask that they refrain from following us when we are alone with the Bride and Groom. Otherwise, shoot away!

Are you a member of any professional associations for photographers?

Yes! We are active members of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photography International)
and the Arizona Photographers Association.